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Creating and Learning


Badge informationEndorsements
The holder of this badge has demonstrated the following skills at VIBE:
  • Retrieving information
  • Being open to new information
  • Looking from multiple perspectives

The skill of researching is part of the Create and Learn competence (SHL). The holder of this badge has obtained this badge with the support of a fixed work coach and a work supervisor from the social enterprise. The work coach and supervisor determine when a skill or competence has been achieved and an open badge is awarded.
Task no.1
Issued by organiser or scanning QR code
Shows the following:
  • Actively and extensively seeks and collects new information for solving questions and problems.
  • Consults different sources of information, looks at issues and problems from multiple angles, and is open to new information.

You can add more value to the badge by adding evidence after obtaining it.


Creating and Learning
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